Monday, July 21, 2008

Yellowstone is Awesome!

Our trip to Yellowstone was amazing! I really didn't know what to expect (I knew Old Faithful was there but that's about it). The park is definitely a geologist's dream park...mud volcanos, erupting geysers, bubbling paint pots, and steaming, hissing bodies of water everywhere. It is huge and encompasses the beautiful Yellowstone Lake. We took hikes to lakes, waterfalls, geysers and cliffs. We saw bison (on our way in and on our way out, they were walking up the road and we were close enough to reach out and touch one), elk, deer, one black bear, chipmunks, a bald eagle and many beautiful wildflowers! Our cabin was equipped with a microwave and portable burner so we were able to eat breakfast there. We took a picnic with us each day and ate out every night. I will include only a few of our 250 pictures! We hope to go back years down the road and see all the changes in the park. It is a dynamic, changing place. Much of the forests have been burned and the new growth is only about 20 years old so it's probably a new experience every time you go there. On our 2nd day we hiked to a lake and while there a storm blew in. The kids were ahead of Jim and I and both groups were looking for a second path we thought was there. When the wind kicked up we heard snapping trees. The kids were positioned in a spot that allowed them to actually see about 40 trees snap all at once. Thankfully, they were not too close! We headed back up the trail we had already come since we never did find the continuation loop.

I hope you all had a blast in New Jersey! We talked about next year and would love to do a North Carolina beach trip. I am going to get busy finding a huge house for all of us and hope you will all plan to come. If you have any input on month and week, that would be great! Jim and I will pay for the house rental. Please post pictures and let us know how your week went!

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