Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing Adam's girlfriend, Jillian...

Adam has a new love interest and he told me I could let the family know (he's quite smitten!) So, here are some pics and a little information. They have only recently gotten to know each other and she is now in Burma teaching English to children in the slums. She has been teaching in LA inner city schools for the past two years but lost her job due to budget cuts this past spring. So, she will be in Burma until December 21st volunteering her teaching talents to the poor. She seems like a sweetheart and we are getting to know each other via facebook. She is from Montana and her dad is a cattle rancher. Irony here, she is a vegan! She is 25 and graduated from the University of Montana in 2006. She has one older brother and a younger sister named Lauren! I have met her mom via facebook as well! Isn't technology wonderful! I love the elephant pictures she sent...quite the adventure she is on! Enjoy...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

50th Birthday!

Yes, I turned 50 last Friday! Thanks to Jim, Lauren and a host of good friends, it was pleasant and not painful! I was treated to a limousine ride, two beautiful bouguets of flowers, tickets to the musical "Wicked" in October, a Wii game system with Wii Active, a massage coupon, a VISA gift card and wonderful food (shish-k-bobs, salads, potatoes and lots of dessert!) The only "old" reference was that I had to wear an old lady hat while I opened my cards and gifts! I was presented with an album at the end of the evening in which were pictures of the friends that were present and notes they had written. Pat and Susie and my mom had sent me notes that Lauren put in the book and I added a very sweet note from Edith (she sent via email) when I got home. Thank you Victoria and mom for the cards I received in advance (I'm really bad at that so I am always amazed when others have it all together!) Hope you enjoy these few pictures! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!