Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite things Part 3...Senior shots of Lauren

My favorite things...part 2

Sarah and Susie came to see us in December and we packed as much as possible in the short visit we had. It was very fun and we'd like to do it again!

Going through some old photos...My favorite things, part 1

I am organizing my computer software and saved pictures. I came across some that I thought would be fun to share. This first set is of some baby robins that were born right outside my bathroom window. I had so much fun watching every day (more than once) and taking pictures. The parents weren't too thrilled to have a human in such close proximity and they haven't been back to that nest in a few years. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures from Memorial Day in Frenchtown

I "stole" these great pics from Kaitlin's Facebook account to share with Grandmommy and Granddaddy...they don't have facebook but would love to see your pics so post them here when you have a chance!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mt. Columbia Trip...Jim and Lauren...July 17-19, 2009

Left Denver Fri @ noon headed to the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness near Buena Vista, CO. Packed in 4.5 miles to tree-line (11,500 ft) – found a great camp site just off the main trail. Lauren has blisters on both heels but remains committed to the climb – what a trooper! Left camp Sat @ 8:30 in our attempt to summit Mt Columbia ( 14,077 ft) – long arduous climb but a well marked trail. Absolutely beautiful! Weather perfect! Made summit just before noon – called Lori plus Mom & Dad on the cell-phone! Difficult descent – loose rock & many steep pitches. Lauren & I both stumbled more than once but no serious injuries. Back in camp @ 3pm & fell exhausted into our tent for a 2 hour snooze. Bust camp Sun @ 8:30 & back to truck @ 10am. A most excellent adventure. Thank God for the beauty of His creation! Psa 121:1

Picture #1 – Jim surveying Mt Columbia from camp.
Picture #2 – On the ascent – Mt Yale in background
Picture #3 – Made summit - sweet! Mt Harvard in background
Picture #4 – For grandmommy – there were flowers everywhere
Picture #5 – A little friend we met on the way (marmot)