Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 2009 Snow...No, we don't usually get this much this early!

Jim and I went snow shoeing last Thursday night after he got off work and before we ate dinner...It was quiet and surreal...just steps from our house. It seemed like we were far away from the neighborhood. Has Jim mentioned lately how much he loves Colorado?

It really is still autumn here...can't you tell by the front door! BUT, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas! Yikes!
I started taking pictures yesterday at 8:00...You can see the progression of the accumulation on the patio table and chairs! The third picture was taken just about an hour ago...and it's still snowing! May have to go snowshoeing this afternoon! It's beautiful! Glad I have plenty of bread and peanut butter to last a few days!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pictures from Jim's Motorcycle Circuit in September 2009

And, he's off...September 12, 2009
First stop, West Plains, MO to see our friends at Whetstone Boy's Ranch...

Jeremy and Carrie Thompson...Brandon, Laura and Will Maxwell...Love these guys!

Then on the Kuttawa, KY for lunch and a brief visit with my Aunt Norma and Uncle Richard! So glad her health has greatly improved!!!

Next stop...Nashville, TN to see Aunt Bettye and Uncle Don...saw Julie and her daughter and met the neighbors. Thanks, Aunt Bettye for the grits! Yum!

Left Nashville to head to Franklin County...Beautiful Bellegreen house and wonderful family!

Auburn, Alabama...Lots of nostalgia...great friends...more wonderful family and an Auburn football game where both moisture and victory were gained (we had four inches of rain in a little over an hour...causing a game delay and mass chaos!)

Dallas, Texas was his next stop...He drove by our first house (tree has gotten so big) and saw our dear friends, Gary and Candy Gombert and Phil and Diann Garnett...

He had planned to stay a night somewhere in between Dallas and Denver but the weather changed...he got cold...decided to push through! So he was home one day early! Could have posted more but these are the highlights (he took lots of scenery pics but I think ones with people in them are so much more interesting!) Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures from Adam's trip to Hong Kong

Here are a few pictures of Adam and Jillian from their recent trip to Hong Kong...maybe Adam could take a few minutes and write some words of his own on the blog!

Adam really wanted to see monkeys on their hike...he got his wish!

Jillian at the summit of their day hike...

Adam overlooking Hong Kong Harbor...
Nice picture of Jillian...
One of my favorites of Adam...These two guys insisted on having their picture made with Adam because they were convinced that he was a famous American movie star...haha!

Adam ready to hike!
And, the handsome couple...