Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Missing Link...Eric

Since Eric hasn't been with us in any of our pictures for a long time, I made him stand still for a few minutes tonight so that you could see that he is still around and looking dapper. Tomorrow is his 22nd birthday. He wanted a long board (skateboard) to get around on because of the high gas prices so we bought one today at the Outlet Mall. Now all he needs is a job to ride it to! He has moved down from Ft. Collins and is living with us until he gets back in school at one of the local Denver colleges. He plans to go back this fall. He is thinking about a major in journalism. But that's today and there are many more tomorrows before he actually finishes school so who knows! We are going to dinner downtown tomorrow night and then to the Rockies game to celebrate his big day. The game will end with the big 4th of July fireworks display! (He always gets fireworks for his birthday!)

Adam is coming to Colorado on the 12th to go to Yellowstone with our family. We are looking forward to the five of us being together that week. He and Katie are "taking a break" from their relationship due to some reoccuring issues but they plan to continue talking and trying to work through those when their family vacations are over. Adam was suppose to go with her family today on their vacation to Washington state but that changed with the decision to break up. So, instead of our sailing trip we were trying to take for Jim's 50th, we are settling for something that didn't take as much forward planning since both boys didn't think they could make it for the sail trip.

Guess that's all for now. We are babysitting Sophie's brother this week so I am letting dogs in and out all day long! Have a great 4th! Love you all...Lori

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