Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adam and Jillian

Thought I would steal this picture of Adam and Jillian from her Facebook and give you what little info I have on the wedding so far! The wedding is July 16 at a park in Los Angeles. They each have five attendants (Eric is one of Adam's "best men" and Lauren is a bridesmaid on Jillian's side).

They are working on an information page that you will be able to access on but it is not finished yet! They have secured a hotel with 35 (don't quote me on the number) rooms at a discounted rate. The rooms will be available at the lower rate from Wednesday, July 14 to Sunday, July 18. It is in Pasadena and they have made arrangements to have everyone shuttled to and from the wedding/reception site by bus so we won't all be on the LA freeways! The hotel is about 15 minutes from the wedding site. They or I will be sending more information soon so you can begin to book your reservations.

They have hired a photographer and will be having their engagement pictures taken on April 1st. Jillian's birthday is the 5th of April, by the way! She will be 26, so she is a slightly "older" woman! Haha!

It has been suggested by Adam that the rehearsal dinner be at a Thai Karaoke Bar on Thursday night prior to the wedding on Friday night. Should be fun! More info to come!

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