Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pondered thoughts and words from our Patriarch...

Starting to fill this new vessel.
It is clean, pure, undefiled,
lacking vanity or vile imports.
Like fresh clay from the mold, it is
pliable yet.
Where shall it reside to set its path,
and its character?
Apart from the clamor of the crowd
offering to point the way.
Retreat to the solitude , ponder quietly
upon how and why things came to be.
Ask for power in thought, discernment,
perception of things untainted --
and to link purpose to its goal.
Become staunch in the search for what
can be proved and repeated in truth.
Harden the palm of the hand to turn as a foe
towards the wrongs that surely will come.
Stretch forth that calloused palm to lift
and to aid a burdened sojourner.
Bear the loads wrought by time --
endurance has little to offer but pain, but
perserverance causes gladness that
strengthens the soul in hope.
Hope brings an assurance that lasts
until the clay once again becomes dust,
and the soul sent home
James A. Frazier
October 27, 2009
Suffering is not the discipline that smelts out
the dross; it is the touchstone that tests the
quality of the Gold.
A severe temptation assails one to do a
dishonest thing. He resists and conquers.
He did not know until put to the test how
much of the Gold of honesty he possessed.
Tribulation is common to all men. To some
it must be endured, but to others it is
persevered with gladness yielding patience
and rendering character. Wince it comes
matters not with justice or no - the test is for
truth and the value of hope.
James Frazier's adaptations from the Bible

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