Friday, February 29, 2008

What would you name this cutie?

Okay...I succumbed to desire and bought this little puppy yesterday. She is a purebred Shih Tzu and is 10 weeks old. I have been thinking about a getting a little lap dog for quite some time but had decided to wait until we no longer had a dog. I met this puppy several weeks ago and feel in love with her immediately. Yesterday I found out she was still available and the owners were ready to take less than their original asking price for her. So, I went to their home and met the puppies parents and male sibling that is still for sale. She is absolutely adorable. She did great her first night here (I am training her in a crate) and today she has been trying to engage Belle in some puppy play. She will be about 10 or 11 pounds when full grown. As I'm writing this, she is sleeping in my knitting bag on my desk. I have been trying to decide what to name her. I am leaning towards "Sophie" but find myself calling her "Sweet Pea" so that name might be the one that sticks. Other names that have been suggested are "Honey" and "Pebbles". Jim came home from North Dakota with this little surprise and is such a good sport. The only comment he made was to ask me if I thought about calling him first! I said, "No, not really, do you care?" He doesn't really but is not the dog lover I am. He knows though, that it will be me taking care of her anyway. I took her in to Pets' Mart yesterday and they gushed over her and took her into their grooming facility to trim the hair around her eyes and her nails. She came out with a pink and purple bow in her hair that I took out when we left. They did it for free but I'm sure they would like to have me as a customer! Anyway, that's my news for the day!

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