Monday, October 13, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff!

Hello Family! I am heading to Richmond on Wednesday and then off to Ukraine on Thursday so I thought I would post before I leave! Jim is going to Houston on Tuesday and will be back on Thursday. Adam is here visiting (he came home Friday night and will return to California Tuesday night). Eric is liking his job at Air Handler Supply (AC/Heating parts supplier). He quit his job at Dewey's but hopes to secure another restaurant job very soon! Lauren spent this past weekend in Sweden (Stockholm). Last weekend she was in Prague (Czech Republic). She leaves Tuesday to go to Vienna with the whole group for an "educational field trip." Needless to say, she is having a great time (we don't hear much about the "school" part of this but she says she is making all A's!)

I have been working often at the rental house in Ft. Collins and I think I may have it rented (renters will begin in November). I just need to check their references and send them a copy of the lease. It is looking much better. I have posted a picture of the kitchen since we have been working so diligently but I don't have a "before" picture for you to compare so you will just have to trust looks 100% better!

The outdoor mountain scene is one a friend of ours took on his recent bike trip to Moab, Utah. It was so beautiful I thought I would share it with you! We didn't get to take a trip to the high country to see the color change this year (too busy with the rent house) so I have been stealing pictures that my friends have taken so that I can live through them vicariously!

So, some pictures from Lauren's albums, some from friends who have actually been to the high country this fall and one of a partially remodeled kitchen! Enjoy!

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