Friday, August 8, 2008

Nothing Earth Shattering

Hi Family...I'm bored so I decided to post some pictures just for fun! Lauren finished her summer job today and her employer took her to lunch and gave her a $500. bonus! She was overwhelmed. Next week we are going to the Parade of Homes and out to lunch (a late birthday gift to me from a friend).

Adam and Katie have been back together for about two weeks. Adam has moved into a new apartment and as soon as he gives me the new address, I'll pass it on to you. He and his friends are in Sacramento this weekend for another roommates wedding. They are getting married tonight. So, that leaves Adam and Justin still living together. Justin was one of Adam's roommates his freshman year.
Eric is working at a local restaurant but doesn't have many hours yet. They keep promising him more because several of their wait staff are leaving at the end of summer. He is up in Ft. Collins today working on the rental house. I'll post a picture of the house for those of you who care!
We're not sure what we were thinking when we bought this house! It has turned into somewhat of an albotrose and we don't have renters as of yet for the upcoming school year. It is in need of some sprucing up before we can rent it so that's what we are doing this month. Jim and I went last Saturday and worked all day. Eric and I went yesterday and he went by himself today. We plan to spend next Friday and Saturday trying to finish things up.

Hope you are all doing well...I'd love to read some posts from other people! I check all the time and...nothing! Love you all!

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