Monday, June 16, 2008

Am I the Only One Blogging?

There's not alot of interesting news from the Denver Frazier's but I have had a couple of emails from BID saying he hasn't heard from me lately, so I will say a few words...The first two pictures need no explanation and the third one is our year-long intern, Zach Smith...

Our summer has been mild so far (we've only had the a/c on one day) but the pollen is really intense right now so I am staying in more than out since I sneeze the whole time I'm outside. The allergy meds help some but I still have unpleasant symptoms! Sophie was spayed last Friday and I was instructed to keep her relatively still for 10 days...easy for them to say! She's healing up nicely though and is behaving herself!

Eric came down from Ft. Collins yesterday for Father's Day and we grilled chicken and showered Jim with gifts (clothing, tool box, steamer for car wheels, etc.) The gift we might most regret is the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". He watches portions of it every time it comes on TV so I thought I would get him his own copy...It is ridiculously long (166 minutes) so I'm not looking forward to the "viewing"! Maybe he can do that when I am gone some evening!

Lauren has a nanny job for the summer but she is off this week because the 9 year old she stays with is at girl scout camp. It has turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment to her because she is not needed every week but it keeps her from getting other jobs and she is only getting paid for one of the weeks that she will be off. Live and learn! She likes the child and it's not a bad gig...just not enough to keep her busy and give her the income she had hoped for.

Jim and I are going to San Jose, California this weekend for a wedding (another one of Adam's friends...Beau Harris). Beau was considered our third son during Adam's last year of high school and has been a great friend to Adam. Adam will be his best man. Lauren is staying home and keeping a three year old all weekend (here at our house). The little guy's parents are going on a trip for the mom's 50th birthday. So, she and Zach (our live-in intern) will be here playing house! Zach and Lauren have become good friends so I'm sure they will have a great time. Zach has started his summer duties of taking high school groups on backpacking trips from Monday until Thursday every week. So, we won't see much of him during the summer. He is certainly a pleasure to have around and we are really glad we pushed our reservations aside and said yes to housing him for the year.

Jim's new position as Asset Team Manager is now official and not without it's headaches. I hope he doesn't end up regreting leaving the geophysical job behind! We are going to Yellowstone National Park the week of his 50th birthday. Hopefully Eric will be able to go with us. Adam will not be able to have that week off, which is why we gave up on the idea of a week long sail trip. Jim really wants all five of us present if we ever pull a sail trip off! We aren't leaving for Yellowstone until the 15th so that Jim can ride up Mt. Evans on his bicycle and prove to himself that 50 is just a number! I don't think I'll feel the need to do such a thing next year when my big birthday occurs! I think I will feel the need to go on a cruise!

Hope you are all doing well. I would love to see pictures of Kaitlin's graduation (I haven't forgotten you and will get your official congratulatory card and gift in the mail soon!) Glad Edith is doing better. Lauren and I plan to come to Virginia mid August for a week to 10 days before she leaves for Germany. Hopefully Jim can get off and come with us for all or part of the trip!

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