Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lori's Trip to South Carolina

While Kaitlin was off wowing the judges in Florida (congratulations Kaitlin!) I was playing on the beach in South Carolina! I went with three friends and stayed at the Isle of Palms. We went for the express purpose of visiting Jessie Southern who is a nurse there. We had a great time. Day 1...Fun at the Beach. Day 2...Walking tour of downtown Charleston and a tour of an old estate. Day and sea kayaking. Day 4...Up for the sunrise, back to condo for a nap, walk to a restaurant for a late breakfast and then a drive to Middleton Place Plantation (we didn't actually tour that day because we missed some of the key features by getting there too late). Day 5...back to Middleton Place to take the full tour and eat our final meal in their dining room. We left Charleston to come back home that evening. It was a fun trip and brought back great memories for the many trips we took to North Carolina. It made me want to plan another family trip to a beach on the east coast!

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jane payne said...

Lori , I envy the great time you had with friends. It looks like everyone had a great time. I too, think it is long past time to have a family beach week again.